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Bob Russell Starts his Austin-Healey car

Bob Russell is a proud man after recovering his car that got lost 42 years ago.Russell found  his Austin-Healey 3000  Mk III car that was stolen outside his Philadelphia apartment in 1970.

Russell had purchased  the car from a friend for $3,000 for in 1968.On a recent eBay session, Russell spotted the cream-colored car listed for auction by a Los Angeles car dealer, with a final bid of $19,700.

Russell, who now lives near Dallas, knew the car was his because its vehicle identification number (VIN) matched the one on the title he kept since the theft.

“I’m not trying to sound indelicate, but you’re selling my car,” Russell told the dealer.

The Austin-Healey 3000, discontinued in 1967, is not in the shape it was in the day it was stolen, but Russell said he plans to restore it to its former glory. The interior needs work, the paint needs a new coat and the top needs to be replaced, he said.