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By Our Reporter

Makerere university is in the process of building another car that will be using both electricity and Solar energy.The car is different from Kiira EV which uses only electricity.

The car named ‘Kayoola’  a solar bus will be completed by June next 2013 where it will be able to move on the road.

“We have finished designing the engineering part of it ,We shall soon embark on embark on the model for the car.” said Prof.Sandy Stevens Tickodri the Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Tickodri made the announcement during the launch of the Makerere University Outreach Program over the weekend .

He said that the incorporation of the solar charger panels to this solar bus is aimed at increasing the the range at which the car can run.

Kira EV

Kiira EV Makerere’s electronic vehicle




  1. James says:

    It is better to have a company On the ground which should be mass producing your researches .

  2. Kiberu hannington says:

    That sounds cool only that the name “kayoola”sounds funny! May be a better name