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By Ahura Mujuni  Mark

Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony LRA leader

Lord’s Resistance Army rebels have continued to carry out atrocities in Central African Republic despite his continuous hunt.The recent report indicate that LRA rebels carried out attacks from June 21 to 25, 2012 killing at least two people near a remote hunting concession outside Bakouma, in the Central African Republic (CAR)  ,Human Rights Watch said  in today

The attackers killed at least two civilians and abducted at least 14 others. The attacks followed killings of 13 civilians in the same area in March,a release from Human rights watch say

Witnesses reported to Human Rights Watch and a national human rights activist that from June 21 to 25, at least 30 LRA combatants carried out a series of attacks near Bakouma, Mbomou prefecture, in eastern CAR.

The LRA attacked the field base of French company, Areva, whose staff are conducting uranium mining activities in the area, and the nearby villages of Lengo, Ouanda, and Denguiro. Large quantities of food, clothing, electronics, and other materials were looted from the Areva base.

In Lengo, 10 kilometers from Bakouma, LRA combatants killed a fisherman near the river on June 23. The same day, they stabbed an elderly carpenter with a bayonet and then decapitated him.

When his wife heard gunshots, she ran outside their home and found her husband’s body. While she was sobbing by the body, the LRA combatants returned, beat the elderly woman, and forced her to lead them to her home, and looted all their belongings. The combatants then forced her and three men from Lengo to carry the stolen goods into the forest. She later managed to escape.

At least 10 other civilians were abducted in and around Ouanda and Denguiro. One of the men, abducted near Ouanda while buying meat, who later managed to escape, said: “There were 34 LRA in the group, men as well as women and children. Two children in the group, a girl and a boy, spoke Sango [the national language in CAR]. They told us that we were with the LRA. We were beaten a lot, especially if we didn’t walk fast enough.”

LRA rebels have operated in CAR after being pushed from Northern Uganda by Uganda People’s Defense Forces.The rebel group first operated in parts of DRC  and South Sudan before  escaping to Central African Republic.The Human Rights group says LRA rebels have killed more than 2,600 civilians and abducted more than 4,000 other people since 2008.

LRA leader Joseph Kony is being hunted by the International Criminal Court to answer the war crimes he committed in Northern Uganda in a two decades war which left thousands of people dead.Uganda People’s Defence Forces were recently joined by American forces to capture Joseph Kony and end his rebel movement.