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By Maureen Nakigozi

Though Jannette was evicted last evening, Kyle has promised to share the grand prize of US$300,000 with Jannette in case he wins.

Kyle told his fellow housemates  that ; “If I were to win I will definitely share the money with her.”

Kyle in Big Brother Africa Diary Room

He said that it was Jannette’s efforts that he is where he is now and he is grateful to her.

“It is because of her (Jannette) that I am here. I never thought that I could ever make it this far,” he said .

Now that there is no more eviction stress, six housemates are anxiously waiting for the Grand Finale and these include Prezzo, Lady May, Keagan, Kyle, Talia and Wati.

According to the Big brother stargame website, Prezzo has the most votes to win the game with a 43.0 percentage, followed by Lady May with 17.3%, Keagan with 16.3% , Talia with 9.7% and lastly Wati with 3.0%.

It is now upto Ugandans to vote for Kyle to live his dream.