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By Martha Nakimuli

Kyambogo University has admitted 1630 students on Diploma and certificate entry on private sponsorship and government sponsorship for the academic year 2012/2013 according to the admission lists.

According to the university’s deputy registrar for admissions Christine Kyayonkya, the university has put up a new policy in which each student admitted is required to pay 20% of the tuition fees before they pick admission letters.

She confirmed that the admission letters are ready for collection but one to be handed over the letter should present receipts which clearly states that he/she has paid the required 20% of the tuition.

This new policy aims at helping the university to budget for the students and will also help show commitment to the university as some students are admitted in more than two universities.

The diploma/certificate entry admission lists were released on Tuesday and pinned on the university notice boards.

208 students were admitted  on government sponsorship while 1,422 students were admitted on private sponsorship.

Students are expected to report to the university on August 6, 2012.


  1. Ssewankambo Ivan says:

    Do you mind posting the pdf containg all the diploma students admitted on gv and private respectively?

    1. kato abdallah says:


    2. Dhizala Geofrey says:

      yes i need the admission list for both governtment & private shaponsorship

  2. NAD says:

    am still wondering when are the degree admissions being released and when are the student commencing with reporting.thanks

    1. SASAKU says:

      Hey NAD, the whole of the admissions list (both private and government) is out and admission letters are being picked from the respective faculties on presentation of your Identity Card. The full list is pinned on the main students’ notice board near the RAC building. University opens on the 4th/08/2012 unless there is a change.

  3. Sophia K says:

    Thankyou for all services rendered to students. Keep it up.

  4. keith brian says:

    well thank you for the updates but we still need the list to be posted.
    thnk you

  5. Eknoc kabali says:

    Can we get the lists on too please? Coz u are gratefull