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By Sandra Birungi

It is coming to two years since the July 11th bombings in 2010 which killed over 50 people for the first time in Ugandan terrorist attacks history.

During the World Cup finals in July 2010, as the norm, Ugandans went out to watch the game in various bars, including Kyadondo Rugby Club, a common meeting place. Unknown to the football fans was a plot by Somalia based terrorist group linked with Al-Qaeda, Al-shabaab.

2 bombs were reported to have gone off at Kyadondo while several went off in other places in Kampala. Terror gripped the country as phone calls were made to several party goers and football fans to find out if they were safe or not.

Uganda, for the first time in a long time came to a standstill as friends mourned for friends, parents mourned children, wives mourned husbands and families mourned relatives.

74 people were reported to have been killed although the death toll is reported to have been reduced according to several witnesses who were at the scene of the bomb blasts at Kyadondo.

Two yeas later, Uganda is still facing terror threats. Security is getting tighter as the second anniversary of the twin bombings draws near. Neighboring Kenya is getting a taste of the medicine as terror attacks rock the country.

The situation in Uganda currently is one of nostalgia although no one really wants to remember the doomsday. No apparent event has been made to mark the day although in the hearts of those who lost their loved ones, it will be a day to remember.

According to some of the people interviewed about what they thought about the bombings and how they were affected, Grace, a Web Master angrily said she hates everything about war and bullets. “Don’t tell me about that, i hate everything about war, people killing each other, bullets, i don’t want anything about that,” she said.

Joan, a Web Designer said it was huge blow to the Ugandans and hoped it would never happen again. “I just hope it will never happen again because it was such a huge blow and a surprise to the Ugandans,” she said.

Noeline, an on-line  journalist and Maureen an Assistant Manager of a Web Designing company said the killings were unfair. “Many died yet very many were innocent. They did not deserve to die,” Maureen said.

Jimmy advised police to beef up security in all places which hold public gatherings to be safe. So far, no terror attacks has been done to the country ever since the July 11th bombings which talks something about the security in the country.

To all families and friends who lost their loved ones, as the anniversary of the terror attacks dawn, may you be able to withstand the terror that is in your hearts as you remember the tragedy.