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By Jane Nambi

A patient in Jinja hospital started throwing stones and started beating everyone next to him until security guards apprehended him before he could cause any serious trouble to any other hospital patients.

According to the patient’s mother, he was being taken to hospital to receive treatment for malaria after getting sick but she failed to keep him at bay and ran away from her. “I was with him and we were coming to hospital but he ran away from me,” she said.

Motorcyclists, commonly referred to as boda boda men at the entrance of the hospital were the first victims of the patient’s brutality as he ran towards them and started to beat them up. “He came running and started beating the boda boda men,” a witness narrated. “The boda boda men also decided to get sticks and beat him. They held him and brought him to the hospital and ran away,” he added.

He undressed and started running around beating and throwing stones at every one who he came across. To survive, patients and visitors at the hospital started running whenever they could see him running towards them.

Four security guards, with the help of other people tied his legs and dressed him up in undergarments. He was later taken to the hospital heads before he could go crazy again and was injected with a sedative which made him sleep as he was being attended to.

According to Dr. Balinasenko of Jinja hospital, the patient was being brought to the hospital for treatment when he started acting crazy. He had become sick for a week with malaria according to the mother.


  1. Matovu Ronald says:

    4 that issue,i think if that patient ‘ve been taken 2 the hospital be4 it’s too late may be she wouldn’t have behaved in that crazy way “blame is on her mum”