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By Jane Nambi

Jackie Chandiru’s career is blossoming as she ventures into the movie industry.

Although she did not like the idea of Blu 3 breaking up, she is among the most successful female artistes in the country now due to the decision of going solo.

Now, she is spreading her wings to the film industry. She is to appear in a new TV series which is yet to be aired written by John Segawa, one of the most celebrated producers in the film industry in Uganda.

In the series, Jackie Chandiru is to act as a secretary who falls in love with her boss who is married.

We love her attitude, her music which captivates us, let us hope we shall love her act on camera with lines, instead of lyrics.

Good luck Jackie, we cannot wait to see on TV as an actress.

Will Jackie be a better actress than musician like Hostel’s Patra of Dream Girls?