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The head of a planned African Union (AU) force to hunt warlord Joseph Kony says that the hunt for Joseph Kony is being limited by resources and enough troops.

Ugandan Colonel Dick Olum said on Wednesday that the funding for the mission which was meant to come from the affected states and the international community is not yet available .Olum made the revelation as AU and United Nations officials gathered in Uganda to consider regional efforts to catch Kony and dismantle his infamous Lord’s Resistance Army.

“We don’t yet have the force to start the mission,” said Olum, whose appointment was announced in February. “The problem is logistics, facilitation and personnel.”

Olum said the Kony hunt was still in the hands of some 2,000 Ugandan soldiers and 100 American troops acting as advisers and  not involved in physically tracking the rebels.

Kony became the first suspect to be indicted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in 2005.Lord’s Resistance Army rebels have continued to carry out atrocities in Central African Republic despite his continuous hunt.

The recent report indicate that LRA rebels carried out attacks from June 21 to 25, 2012 killing at least two people near a remote hunting concession outside Bakouma, in the Central African Republic (CAR)  ,Human Rights Watch said  in today

The attackers killed at least two civilians and abducted at least 14 others. The attacks followed killings of 13 civilians in the same area in March,a release from Human rights watch say

Witnesses reported to Human Rights Watch and a national human rights activist that from June 21 to 25, at least 30 LRA combatants carried out a series of attacks near Bakouma, Mbomou  in eastern Central African Republic.



  1. jpajallow says:

    Joseph Koti,must be brought to book by African….USA / America troop.must stay out of this,If we,African do this we than Called Mercenaries / Dogs of War?What do you call the Forever interference of Usa in African Wars????

    As ex- specials forces members,we will Hunt him done with a coupla Aks / ammo and rantions,So lets do the african way.