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Quad HIV pill a new HIV medication was on Friday described by researchers as  safe and effective for treatment against the Aids virus.

A study in Lancet said that the pill could be a better HIV treatment option.

“Without a doubt the achievement of a one-a-day pill has been a big advance in tackling HIV.We’ve come a long way from people taking up to 40 pills three times a day.”Dr Steve Taylor, an HIV specialist at Birmingham Heartland Hospital, said

A new “Quad” HIV pill combines four HIV medications and only needs to be taken once-per day .

Following 48 weeks of treatment, 88 percent of patients given Quad suppressed their virus to undetectable levels, compared with 84 percent on the other regimen. Mild nausea was more common with people taking Quad, but patients were less likely to experience dizziness, abnormal dreams, insomnia and rash compared with subjects taking the three-drug regimen.

The second experiment involved 708 patients who were given either once-daily Quad or a popular twice-daily drug combination of two antiviral agents, ATV/RTV plus FTC/TDF.

Ninety-percent of patients saw a significant drop in viral levels compared with 87 percent taking the other regimen. Side effects were also similar, however more kidney complications were reported in patients taking Quad compared with other treatments.

Researchers enrolled 700 patients in centres in North America and assigned them randomly to either Quad or Atripla.

Quad comprises FTC and TDF, along with a drug called elvitegravir (ETV), which is designed to inhibit HIV replication. The fourth ingredient is a “pharmacoenhancer” called cobicistat to boost the effectiveness of ETV.