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By Maureen Nakigozi

Goldie from Nigeria was on Sunday (yesterday) evicted from the Big brother house after spending 70 days in the StarGame.

Goldie was evicted after she failed to beat off stiff competition from Kyle and Lady May.

IK, Big brother presenter first told  Kyle and Lady May that they were saved by fans from Africa before breaking the bad news to Goldie.


Goldie was so emotional after learning that she was to leave the StarGame. She could not fight her emotions after realising that her struggle for the US$300,000 has come to an end. She also was so surprised that Keitta whom she had been taking as a brother nominated her on Monday.

Goldie was speechless even her last words  could not be heard during her interview on the live show though IK tried to comfort her.

Kyle was the most voted for to stay in the game with many votes from six countries, Lady May followed, Prezzo followed and Goldie emerged with least votes.

Kyle in Big Brother stargame

Kyle  survived the evictions the second time in just a period of one week. The first time Kyle  was  nominated  up for possible eviction two weeks ago.

Kyle was so excited on receiving the news that he had been saved by Africa. He was so happy and his fellow Housemates were happy for him.

Jannette  was the happiest among other Housemates but she put on a worried face after  realizing  that her partner was that strong in the eyes of Africa. She couldn’t believe that her former partner has a lot of support from Africa.

Jannet expressed fear over Kyle’s victory, that in case her and Kyle   are presented for eviction ,Kyle would beat her and stay in the house.