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Congolese women escaping from the violence

M23 rebels fighting in Eastern Democratic of Congo are just 40km (25 miles) from DRC Eastern city of Goma,BBC said

On Sunday, rebels were reported to have seized the strategic town of Rutshuru, 70km north of Goma.Eight peacekeepers from the UN’s mission in DR Congo (MONUSCO) fled Rutshuru for a UN base five kilometres away in Kiwanja, close to which numerous local inhabitants have set up refugee camps.More refugees have moved to  western Uganda

The rebel’s advance have caused fear to the DRC government.Reports from the  vast mineral rich country say rebels are taking up towns and villages with a lot of ease.Late last week over 600 DRC soldiers fled to Uganda escaping the intense violence of the M23 rebels.

The rebels were disarmed and most of them had severe bullet wounds.Most of them are being treated by the Ugandan government.

Meanwhile the UN and Democratic Republic of Congo troops are reinforcing a key city in the east of the country to guard against attack by rebels .

The DR Congo government is moving a US-trained battalion from the north of the country to eastern Goma, the official told reporters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

M23 rebels a group of mutineers led by accused war criminal Bosco Ntaganda, has already briefly taken other towns near its new stronghold in Bunagana.

Gen Ntaganda is an ethnic Tutsi – like the majority of Rwanda’s leadership – and a recent UN report accused Rwanda of backing the rebels.

DR Congo has accused Rwanda  of wanting to keep it unstable so it can exploit its rich mineral wealth.The Congolese government has called on the international community to condemn Rwanda.