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Democratic Republic of Congo has  lost more towns to rebels  in North Kivu forcing more people out of their homes.

The rebels, known as the M23 movement, had captured the town of Rutshuru on Sunday, forcing thousands of civilians from their homes. The attack in these areas has created  more fear of the rebels advancing to Goma, the provincial capital about 70km to the south,Aljazera said

The rebels said that they did not face any opposition from the FARDC, the DRC’s national army, as they captured the towns of Ntamugenga, Rubare and Bunagana, an important mineral town, siezed two days earlier.

The new fighting in  North Kivu province has dampened hopes of a revival for the region after a short lull in two decades of instability.

It risks dragging  DRC  back into war and damaging fragile relations with Rwanda, which has repeatedly denied allegations that the rebels are receiving cross-border support.

Pre-2009, the members of M23 belonged to the now-defunct National Congress for the Defense of the People, or CNDP, rebel group, which at one point came within a hair of taking Goma.