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By Jane Nambi

Didier Moltavo, from Columbia, who was named turtle boy for 6 years lived with a mole like structure on his back making it impossible and hard for him to live with other children and be treated normally by others.

Shunned by the community, Didier never went to school neither did he have friends to play with as he was considered to be possessed by some evil spirit. It was believed that his mother, Luz looked at the eclipse when pregnant that was why she gave birth to the child with a turtle on his back.

Doctors refer to the condition as congenital melanocytic nevus and he was born with it. Surgeon Neil Bulstrode flew to the Colombian capital Bogotá to help a team of surgeons remove the mole which had grown so big that it was feared it could become malignant. Now a free boy, Didier now lives a free life.

Didier before surgery

Didier with father after the operation. He couldn’t ride a horse before.

Didier after surgery, the mole that covered his body preventing him from growing was removed by doctors after surgery.