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By Sandra Birungi

Sharon Nalwoga, Uganda’s remaining contestant in Tusker Project Fame 5 was evicted Saturday during the second last eviction show in the academy.

Sharon was on probation alongside Ruth Matete from Kenya, Steve from Kenya and Joe from Burundi.

Ruth was saved after being the most voted by the audience and as she welcome the news with a smile, three contestants remained on stage awaiting their fate.

The next in line was the faculty who chose to save Steve. Fate was not smiling well enough for both Sharon and Joe at the time. Considering the fact that there were two contestants who were not on probation, the judges had to vote for who to save.

Judge Hermes begun by saving Joe. Julianna stood up for her own as she saved Sharon and Ian was left to decide who to save and he decided to save Joe.

Sharon’s stay in the academy lasted a short time as she was exited from the academy. However, the question is, did she deserve to leave the academy?

Ruth is a commendable force to be up against for she has a powerful voice and attitude. However, she can stand on her own. Her voice sold her the moment she stepped into the academy and like it or not, she can stand out in the world of music with or without the help of the academy. She has got fame and publicity and the sky is the limit for her at this point.

Sharon on the other hand was a force that could stand between Ruth and the cash prize. Her voice was equally powerful although she needed a lot to work at. Her stage performances weren’t as overpowering as Ruth’s and for some reason, she kept on choosing the wrong songs. However, that wasn’t as bad as Steve’s.

Steve has a beautiful voice and he has grown rather well in the academy since he walked in. he however doesn’t have what it takes to stand up against the likes of Ruth and Jackson. What is needed in the academy is strong competition and the ability to make the winner make a run for his/her money and Ruth had some strong competition from both Sharon and Nancy who had powerful voices.

Doreen was not probation but she has greatly improved and now, Ruth has to look out. Joe’s performance after being saved by the judges was mouth dropping, even Voice Coach Kavutha noticed it wondering if she should blame the trainer who was Judge Ian who the student himself.

For one, Sharon did not deserve to leave the academy at that stage in time for her voice was stronger than Steve’s and Joe who were saved by the Faculty and Judges respectively.


  1. Sharon says:

    She din’t deserve to, coz she was even far better than Joe and Steve,

    1. macklean says:

      she did not deserve to laeve b’se she had agood voice and she was faraway compired to joe and steve

  2. Henry shadrack says:

    Sorry sweet sharon. Not even at one point did she deserve to leave the academy !! She was and will be the best. The guys just got jealous coz Uganda won season 4 By the bad Davis . And trust me they are going to give it to joe. Thumbs up for Juliana. Judge IAN is a damn fuck.