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By Mirembe Martina

Kenya’s Doreen emerged as the first runner-up in Tusker Project Fame 5 next to Ruth who managed to take home the Ksh5m.

Doreen came from so far and her position in the finals came as a surprise, not only to the audience but also to her self as she continuously shook her head and smiled in surprise after Jackson was announced as the second runner-up at the finals which took place yesterday Sunday.

Doreen is most remembered for her astounding number of times she was put on probation. She was on probation from the first time she entered the academy and only changed with barely four weeks to the end of Tusker Project Fame 5.

She stopped going on probation when she did Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t she Lovely to which Hermes and Juliana thought she had done it pretty well. She did not make it to probation that week and she never made it on probation ever again since then.

One of her best performances was a song titled, Do you Remember. Her voice projection was beyond comprehension and it seemed as though for the first time, there was a glimpse of who Doreen actually is when it comes to her singing. Judge Ian had kind words for her that week to which he said he wouldn’t be more proud of her that night.

Despite her winning previous two beautiful performances, Doreen’s last performance was a jaw dropper as Principle Helen of the faculty asked her if that was what she would give her fans if she were to win.

Her transformation was not as epic and outstanding as Jackson’s clean record in the academy. He was never put on probation, not once and his performances were so outstanding and beautiful, he reminded you of Chaka Demus, Kofi Olomide and other lingala artists of all time.

Although his songs were in French and few understood what he was singing about, his energy during his performances was out standing. Judge Ian couldn’t agree more as he said Jackson was his number two in the academy, definitely after Ruth!

Jackson’s best performance was Bob Marley’s No woman no Cry to which Hermes said he blew it out of the box. Instead of opting for the original pace of the song, Jackson did the song in a slow version and he nailed it.

He also nailed it during yesterday’s last performance to which he did a song by Lokua Kanza. Judge Gerrard said for a moment, he forgot he was at a competition because it was a performance on his part.

Did Doreen honestly deserve the position of first runner-up more than Jackson?


  1. Joan says:

    No, i think Jackson deserved the position.

  2. Mwaura says:

    Yeah.going by the number of votes.she has a likeable character,so ,wonder no more.

  3. Andrew Mulema says:

    She really deserved it because she worked for it. Congs my sister.

  4. No, doreen did not deserve even top 10, she could even hardly smile, she stood one place,if jackson sang french, she sang kikuyu…if you remember ngangalito also came a long way,voting through public on the final day is not the best,tribal voting take centre stage in kenya,just like politics, a certain tribe comes together in all sorts of stuff…baaaaaaad. Ngaira patrick,busia k

  5. Ahmed says:

    Get your facts right fella, bcoz Jackson did go on probation, don’t post without researching first. As for Doreen I believe the contestants were ranked according to number of voters so too bad Doreen had more voter than Jackson. Probably if you had voted for Jackson he could have won!!!