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By Jane Nambi

As Spain battled it out on the field in South Africa against Holland during the 2010 world cup finals, Uganda marked the day as dark day after twin bomb blasts killed over 50 people.

As the country marks the 2nd anniversary since the dark day, here are some of the photos of the tragedy that took place at Kyadondo Rugby Club on July 11th 2010.

The after math of the bombings at Kyadondo Rugby Club.

People injured during the blasts at Kyadondo Rugby Club.

A doctor attends to one of the survivors of the bombings.

One of the injured victims is attended to by a doctor.

A survivor of the blasts.

Over 50 people were reported to have been killed on July 11th 2010.


  1. Sowani micheal says:

    sorry let them rest in eternal peace