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By Martha Nakimuli

The daughter of Col. Patrick Karegeya, the  former Rwandan spymaster  who is exiled in South Africa is stranded in Uganda following the cancellation of her citizenship by Rwanda.

Portia Mbabazi Karegeya’s alternative Rwandan passport was withdrawn following the cancellation of her citizenship by Rwanda.

According to close sources, Mbabazi  said that her passport was confiscated by  Ugandan Immigration officials at Entebbe airport when she came into the country on June 5.

Mbabazi Karegeya

She said that the officials told him that Rwanda had cancelled her passport and it was invalid for travel. She suspects that her fate is surrounding her father’s political life who is currently wanted in Kigali over crimes he committed.

“I am stranded here; I know it is because of politics,” she said. “All I want is to be allowed to go and study.”

It is alleged that Mbabazi applied for a refugee status in South Africa at the same time holding a Rwandan passport.

It is said that after the cancellation of her Rwanda passport, Ugandan authorities issued  Mbabazi a passport on June 20, but seized it again at Entebbe airport on July 2, as she attempted to fly out using it by South African airways to Johannesburg.

Mbabazi has come to visit her  paternal grandmother lives in Mbarara, which the Karegeyas consider their second home.

Mbabazi was planning to head to Canada from South Africa where she was to commence her masters degree in law at McGill University in Quebec a course which is starting in September.


  1. Andrew says:

    Why should a democratically elected government declare such an innocent girl stateless?Can the international community agency like UNHCR do something and help her get out of this mess so that she can continue her studies?Is this the government of Rwanda that countries like US,UK(Tony Blair)are always cheering?How can a President that himself was once a refugee in Uganda do such a thing?I implore the world to grant political asylum to all the 25 pple declared stateless by Kagame decree.
    My sympathy to Uganda that has been sucked into this just because of need to maintain good relations after the past hostilities with Rwanda.South Africa that has been hosting her,are you able to do some thing as a tested freedom fighter and defender of Universal Human Rights?EAC despite having Sezibera a blue eyed boy of Kagame,what can you do about this ?We have promoted President Kagame for long and on this one we totally disagree with him

  2. Davin says:

    When will Africa truly understand politics for what it is and not as a political vendetta life-line? , and get on par with the rest of the world? Even on simple matter of facts such as citizenship? You don’t just withdraw someone’s citizenship, not unless they applied for it; in which case they have to have originated from elsewhere.
    Citizenship is a Right; just as day follows the night, one has to be a citizen of a certain country. To deny or withdraw citizenship of a person who is naturally born in a country, and from parents who are also born in the same country just goes to show how backward we still are in Africa; It’s barbaric and defeats common sense

  3. Agnes says:

    this is so sad. how do you deny a true national her citizenship? should children pay for their parents “sins”. Africa, we still have a long way to go is such things still happen. so under what status is she in Uganda? …

  4. nahayo says:

    if children should be held accountable of their parents mistakes, then IVAN KAGAME, and ANGE KAGAME, should be first to be arrested.