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Chris Brown and Drake in recent fight

Chris Brown has accepted a boxing match between him and  Drizzy Drake ,a match that will be captured on  live on TV.

Drake and rapper Chris recently had a fight which many believed  a conflict over Rihanna, who  has performed with both Drake and Chris Brown her former lover.Many think that the fight could help them get over what they feel for each other.

TVAlki David, CEO of FilmOn.TV Networks and Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman have released a joint statement regarding Chris Brown’s agreement to enter the ring against Drake .

During a television interview, Chris verbally accepted an offer by a celebrity-boxing promoter to fight Drizzy Drake in a boxing match on live TV – “Yeah, I would. Yeah”, Chris said.When asked if he would participate in the fight, Brown said, “Yeah, I would. I would.”

Brown’s acceptance of the boxing opportunity comes after David offered to pay the winner of the fight $9 Million Dollars and the loser wins $1 Million.

“We are very excited at FilmOn.TV that Chris Brown has accepted to fight his nemesis,” said David. “Should Drake accept the $ 10 Million Dollar challenge to go toe to toe for three rounds against Chris Brown, both fighters will be put through training leading up to the Las Vegas event in September. They will be trained by iconic names in professional Boxing history.”



  1. Kevin byegon says:

    That is fine for them to get over what they feel for each other but is chris fighting for money or because of the conflict. I think it is interesting,money takes the position of an enzyme!