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By Martha Nakimuli

Chameleone’s camping at the Tanzanian Embassy last week on Thursday yielded good results as his passport was on Friday returned to him.

His passport was delivered by Air Uganda after the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura ordered that his passport must be returned to him.

Chameolene was so happy when his passport was handed over to him and heĀ  later posted on his wall that:”I’m Dr. Chameleone the Undisputed”

Chameleone on Thursday morning went and camped the Tanzania Embassy on Katonga road in protest of his withheld passport which was confiscated by one Tanzania promoter who claimed to have paid him US$3,500 to perform in Tanzania.

Chameleone however said that he never received this money and added that the promoter was conned by a certain man who posed to be his manager. He said that he traced for this man and handed him over to the policeĀ  but he was released after a short while before returning the Tanzania’s promoter money.

Chameleone then vowed not to leave the embassy premises before his passport is returned.

Chameleone is now to embark on his Africa tour and on 3rd August he is to perform in South Africa.


  1. mugabi issa says:

    ur so big Dr i love ur music by issa in canada