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By Sandra Birungi

A six-year-old Chinese girl was abandoned after her parents realized her body was covered in hair. Hair girl is Jiangli Liu.

60 percent of Jiangli Liu’s body is covered in hair

Her condition is compared to hypertrichosis universalis which leaves the body covered in hair but it is not approved whether her condition is actually that although it is  a rare condition.

Liu has been bullied by fellow children but the worst was when her parents abandoned her.

However, it seems light is shining up to her as she has been offered treatment by specialists in Shanghai.
After her parents abandoned her, Mingying Liu, the grandfather of one of her cousins, took her in and became her family.  Her grandfather Liu is the only family she now knows.

Liu was left in a nursery and the administration released an announcement in the newspapers about her where her grandfather Liu came forward and took her in.

Liu has not commented about her condition although it seems her life is a little bit better with a new family.