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By Maureen Nakigozi

Bad Black may win the fraud  case in which she is charged along with her counterpart Meddie Ssentongo  according to the recent assessments of the case.

Before the Anti corruption court yesterday, court assessor Agnes Mubbala said that Bad Black and her co-accused should be acquitted of conspiracy to defraud Daveshan Development limited of sh20b ($9m).

According to Mubbala, when taking into consideration the ingredient of the count, Bad black was the only director of Daveshan a company she is accused of defrauding $9m and embezzling sh11b. Mubbala said that the company had only one director recognized under the company act and that is Shanita Namuyimbwa and the transfer of the money started way back before the company was formed.

She said that the submissions and evidence presented by prosecution did not prove to court beyond reasonable doubt and she asked court for Bad Black to be acquitted.

Mubbala also told court that the prosecution also failed to provide sufficient evidence to pin Bad Black and Meddie Ssentongo of conspiracy to defraud the company.

Bad black earlier on told court that the money she was given by David Greenhalgh her former lover was for love not for the company.

The final submission also submitted by one of Bad black’s lawyer Caleb Alaka had it that Daveshan Development Limited had only one director Shanita Namuyimbwa and a company to be recognized under the company act has to have two or more directors.

Alaka said that David started transferring money before Daveshan came into existence and the company’s memorandum of association are not detailed as the company act entails.

Alaka further said that the company’s only director was not earning salary, had no audited books of accounts, had no employees and offices.

This was clear prove that Daveshan was not a company under legal existence and Alaka advised court to charge David Greenhalgh with money laundering.