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By Martha Nakimuli

Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad black has asked her mother and sister Fauzia to sell her BMW X6 so as to raise money to take care of her three children until she finishes her sentence.

Though the Bad black gets money from her former Portuguese ex lover, the father of her two year old son, she said the money is not enough to cater for all the bills and advised her mother to sell off the BMW so that they get money for upkeep and take some money forĀ  her.

Bad Black with her two year old son at the court on the day the court assessor exonerated her.

Bad black who was found in the private wing of the prison said prison life is not easy but she says that she was pleased with the judge’s lenient ruling. She said that she never expected the judge to sentence her for 4 years given the 14 years advised in the law.

Bad black was sentenced to 4 years and 18 months for embezzlement and conspiracy to commit fraud with Meddie Ssentongo a sentence she is to serve concurrently.

The case was filed by Bad black’s former Lover David Greenhalgh who told court that in September 2010 he jointly formed a company with Bad black in which he had 75% shares while Bad Black owned 25% .

Being a busy man he authorized Bad Black to withdraw money on behalf of the company to run Daveshan Development Limited a company which was formed to deal in real estate business.

Unfortunately when Greenhalgh came to Uganda to check on the progress of the business, Bad black failed to account for the money which forced Greenhalgh to drag her to court with her alleged boyfriend Meddie.


  1. Name (required) says:

    Yes , it’s automatic because wen badblack got that huge sum of money,had no plan for it & all her wealth may collupse in the same way!

  2. huson says:

    Time always predicts the future

  3. ogwang david cosmos says:

    iam really pity for the child any good samaritan man or woman should watch on that.

  4. sharon says:

    bad black wasuluwala if you had built an arcade or something big yo kids would not suffer even if you die but now they will turn to begging on the streets girls learn if you get such money pliz put up something reasonable for yo kids