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African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) together with Somali government soldiers captured a major Islamist militant training base on Wednesday ,an official from AMISOM said

Lanta‐Buro was seized after an offensive that was  launched on Wednesday morning.Lanta‐Buro which is 40km west of Mogadishu, housed political prisoners during the Siad Barre regime but has since been converted into a major terrorist training camp by the Al Qaeda‐affiliated Al‐ Shabaab.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti, said the operation would enhance security in the capital by denying the terrorists a base from which to launch attacks.

“AMISOM is committed to supporting the peace process in Somalia and this operation will not only bring relief to the population in that particular area, but will also help create a safer environment in the capital,” he said.

He said the next target was the al-Shabab-held coastal town of Merka.