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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Alintuma Nsambu

Bukoto South By- election has been a hot race,the struggle to make National Resistance Movement candidate Alintuma Nsambu involved organizing for the withdrawal of three candidates ,Robert Rutaro , Joseph Sebayiki and Yusuf Lubega Masengele from the race.

The withdrawal of candidature of three people  was organized by President Museveni to have a greater opportunity to win the race.Museveni went ahead and defended Nsanbu over allegations that he abused the Kabaka of Uganda.

President Yoweri Museveni while campaigning for Nsambu on Sunday said that the accusations were pure lies  spread by people who do not wish any good to Buganda Kingdom.

“If Nsambu abused the Kabaka, why didn’t Mengo report to me as the leader of NRM. He explained that he was blaming the people who wanted to confuse the Kabaka.

Museveni further added : “The Kabaka returned to Uganda because of the blood of NRM. DP was here as well as UPC, which removed him. Those who use the Kabaka for campaigns are wrong because the Kabaka has no sides. They are greedy and care about themselves,” he said.

Alintuma Nsambu  in his campaigns also promised to connect all houses in his constituency with solar power and promised to provide lunch to all students and pupils in government aided schools if he is elected into power.

With all the efforts ,Will the news  of results to Ugandans  be  Alintuma Nsambu Wins Bukoto South Elections or Alintuma Nsambu Loses Bukoto South Elections?