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By Sandra Birungi

Kibaale district health secretary has revealed that six more patients have been admitted to hospital with signs and symptoms prone to the Ebola virus which has hit the country.

According to the district health secretary of Kibaale district, Stephen Byaruhanga, more cases have been reported in more villages since the out break of Ebola hit the district. “It’s no longer just one village. There are many villages affected,” Byaruhanga said.

Uganda president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made a national address advising the citizens of the country to be careful in public places since the virus started spreading in the country. This was after one patient was transferred to Mulago hospital with the virus and died there after. Now, there is a warning of the disease in the country’s capital, Kampala city.

President Museveni said any cases of the disease should immediately be reported to health officials since survival chances of infected patients is next to slim.

Officials from World Health Organization and Ministry of health revealed Saturday that so far, the virus has killed 14 Ugandans in the month of July. It was first reported that a strange disease had hit Kibaale district but upon examination, it was found out that the disease was actually Ebola but they were not in time to save the lives of the 14 people who had been infected.

With the new cases of Ebola emerging, the number of infected people will increase to 26 people, if it is indeed confirmed that it is Ebola.

Since 2000, this is the fourth occurrence of the Ebola virus in the country. In 2000, the disease killed a reported 224 people while 42 were killed in 2007. No Ebola case has been reported since last year after a lone case was reported.

Things such as hand shaking, meeting in public places, getting involved in intimate practices among others have been advised against as these are the easiest way to transmit the virus from one person to another.