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By Mirembe Martina

In the recently concluded head count of Universal Secondary Education (USE), it was discovered that there were teachers who were teaching in both private and government aided schools.

These teachers now face the possibility of dismissal from the government aided schools. With public education going down spiral, this can be seen as one of the reasons as to why public education is not to the required standard of education.

Minister of Education, Jessica Alupo said there were 165 teachers on government payroll in 165 private secondary schools. “Given the big numbers involved, it is likely that these teachers just teach part time in the private schools but are on payrolls of government schools. There is a tendency of private schools claiming ownership of these teachers and registering them as full time. The Director of Basic Education and Secondary will carry out further investigations with a view to reprimand those involved.” she said.

It is not clear what punishment the teachers will receive but they are most likely to be removed from the government pay roll.

According to reports, some teachers do not appear in their respective classes although they continue receiving their pay check.

At least 3,000 teachers in 165 schools face possible dismissal for teaching in both government aided and private schools. The report goes on to blame HIV/AIDs as one of the biggest factors which contribute to this fact. “HIV/Aids prevalence to both teachers and students is also still looming and is considered to be a one of the causes that are contributing to raising dropout rates, absenteeism, repetition and poor academic performance,” the report noted.

The report also revealed 11025 students in 478 public schools who scored above the recommended 28 aggregates but are illegally benefiting from the scheme. The minister said these are to be phased out of the system ‘gradually.’

The head count conducted jointly by the Ministry and other government agencies cost approximately Shs300m. the head count however recommends the ministry to “conduct immediate monitoring and verification exercise to determine (among others), schools with unusual out layers like nil returns; head count figures greater than total enrollment; abnormal decrease and increase in enrollment; absenteeism greater than physically head counted and withdrawal from USE/UPPET program.”


  1. Silver says:

    Teachers especially from poor schools are always targets whereas the practice is very common in big schools like st Mary’s kiss I, kings coll budo,ntare school among others. Doctors have the same practice of operating private clinics but no one ever talks about them. I would think that the best way forward is to increase teachers salaries especially those in village schools to match their counterparts in first class schools who get allowances like PTA on top of salary.

  2. Muka says:

    Government has no capacity let alone the will to dismiss anyone from the civil service!It takes alot of discipline and focus to achieve this which as of now i do not envision.