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By Sandra Birungi

Beauty pageants can go the other way, the ugly way as witnessed at the Mr. Ugly pageant in Zimbabwe.

Mr. Ugly says he is proud of his face because it makes him feel special, if you thought you were special because you were extra ordinarily beautiful, you need another source of inspiration.

William Masvinu, 38, won the Mr. Ugly pageant which was held last month in Zimbabwe. He is a market porter in western Harare town of Mbare. “I was expecting to do some adverts and some modeling if I was asked. But I’m still poor, still carrying loads of cabbages onto buses. I am ready to show the world my gift. Being ugly is not a curse. It’s a gift God gave me and I’m proud of it. My face makes me special and I am not making any excuses about it,” he said of his win.

This is the first time that Mr. Ugly has been hosted in Zimbabwe. Now a local celebrity, William cannot wait to get his hands full on a greater calling than the one which he has right now.

Organizers say they started the pageant as a way of entertaining audiences.

In his win, Masvinu got a cash prize of $100, a land title and a night in a hotel beating four other ugly men. He however said he cashed in the hotel voucher to buy food. “It didn’t make sense to sleep in a nice hotel on an empty stomach,” he said.

About his family, Masvinu said, “My mother died when I was three and no one wanted to take care of me or send me to school because of my looks. Whenever employers open the door and see me, they go, `Ahh,’ and shut it,” he said.

His fans say when he smiles, it looks like he is crying or in pain. His wife, Alice Chabhanga, isn’t concerned about his looks. “She was the only one who wanted me and she knows she has no competition,” Masvinu said.


  1. Aluma Bernard says:

    Being guy is not a curse…..

  2. Aluma Bernard says:

    Sorry…I meant Ugly not “guy”

  3. James says:

    The only ugly thing about him is his huge nose. If this is what makes him ugly, then most Baganda men must be ugly!