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By Mirembe Martina

Three students who have just concluded their S.6 examinations and are about to join university come August have invented a robot which can detect and neutralize bombs.

The three students are former students of St Mary’s College, Kisubi and they are, Alvin Kabwama, David Tusubira and Nigel Kinyera. The Explosive Ordinance Disposal (OED) was manufactured with the help and instruction of Cosmas Mwikyirize, a lecturer at the engineering college of Makerere University where the students invented the prototype.

The robot was showcased yesterday during a press conference. According to the student’s tutor, the device which is still in development will be able to detect bombs and defuse them. It was developed at Makerere University’s College of Engineering, Design Art and Technology.

In particular, the device will be able to detonate Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which is commonly used by the terrorists. “We built this robot from scratch, we did not have any blue print to look at,” Mwikyirize said last evening. The robot runs on 12 motors, censors, and a Central Processing Unit of the tetrix system; it was officially unveiled during the communications awards.

The robot also uses Bluetooth for movement control and Wifi and Wimax for the video field to send signals. It stands on metallic beams also procured locally. It is remotely controlled on a computer to steer through relatively flat surfaces within a 20 meters radius.

It’s most important advantage is that it minimizes the risk of officers involved in counter-terrorism missions. “The design and construction of the robot was motivated by the need to demonstrate local capacity in the development of technology in the fight against terrorism,” college spokesperson Betty Kyakuwa told journalists at the Vice Chancellors monthly press briefing yesterday.


  1. Davis says:

    It sounds like a dream well it could be true but i got a feeling i don’t know how much electronics a senior six leaver understands if at all its from scratch.
    Using already printed circuit board or a circuit diagram is not from scratch its actually using someone’s idea lets be sincere here its not about capturing headlines.I think senior six leavers should help us make toys for kids coz we use a lot of money importing them from china this would boost our economy.