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By Mirembe Martina

A woman was nabbed by shop owners in Kampala after she asked to go ease herself after ordering for clothes with her lover who had fled.

Flavia Namatovu went to the shopping mall with her one night lover to get any cloth that she wanted. However, after picking up as many clothes as possible, the man picked out two suits and Flavia picked up two. He said he was going to pick up the money and left with the two suits which he had chosen for him self.

“He came here with her and i thought she was her wife,” said one of the shop owners.

Flavia waited for more than one hour for the man to come back in vain. “She asked to go out for a short call and that was when we realized they may be con men,” the shop keeper stressed.

In her defense, Flavia said she really had just wanted to go for  a short call and nothing more something that they did not believe and wanted her to pay for the suits that the man had taken.

“I also did not know his character, i honestly thought he was an honest man, turned out he was a fraud,” she said in her defense. She pleaded for mercy from the shop owners who later on believed her word. “It can happen to anyone, i did not want it to happen to me, please understand,” she said.


  1. James says:

    From the heading, i thought the woman had agreed to exchange sex for a shopping spree, which i didn’t read here.I think she fell for him after appearing to be rich, promising her heaven on earth and she had hoped for a long-lasting relationship, not the one night she spent with him. The shopkeepers shouldn’t have allowed the man to leave withought paying for the suits – i think they learnt a lesson, that’s why they let the woman go. From James, Kagadi – Kibaale district