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By Sandra Birungi

Although parents are supposed to take care of their children in whatever circumstances, it was not the case for Shadia who decided to abandon her child at her baby’s father’s place because she claimed she could not take care of her.

Shadia poisoned herself after her husband refused to give her back her child whom she had abandoned to his home.

According to Moses Bbosa, husband to Shadia Namubiru, Shadia arrived at home to claim the child she had abandoned but did not find anyone home. She called him on phone and he came back home only to inform her that he had taken the child to the village and that he was not staying with her.

Shadia, 20, decided to spend the night and as work dictates, Moses woke up in the morning to go to work. Moses in defense said he took the child to the village because he did not have anyone to take care of her at home.

Upon reaching work, Moses received a phone call from the woman telling him she had poisoned herself and she was going to set the house on fire.

Scared, Moses left work and went home only to find Shadia in dire state unable to talk and decided to call Maganjo police. Police found Shadia at home with Moses and took her to Mulago hospital for treatment.

Charges were filed against Shadia for wanting to commit suicide.