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By Sandra Birungi

Whereas being admired by other women’s men can be next to fashionable, it was not for a woman found in Masaka district who was killed for getting pregnant for another woman’s man.

Betty Nakayiza was only 21 years old and she got romantically involved with a man who had another woman.

Betty was brutally killed after her co wife cut out her seven month pregnancy, killed her child and later killed her. She dumped the dead body in a latrine and left.

According to the mother of the girl, her daughter got lost a month ago and did not know where she had disappeared to. “I warned you against loving other women’s men, i warned you,” Betty’s mother cried as her body was being retrieved from the toilet.

The body of the child was not discovered although they tried to look for it in the vicinity of where the mother had been killed and buried.

According to one of the residents who gathered to see for themselves the tragedy, one of the people smelt an awful smell and decided to investigate further only to find out it was a body of someone who had been dumped.

The stinging smell from the pit latrine almost made the man who had gone beneath to retrieve the body faint due to lack of fresh air in the pit latrine. Both the co-wife and husband were taken to police for further questioning although the man denied having connived with the wife to commit the atrocity.

“When she told me she was pregnant, i was ecstatic with joy because i had a feeling she was going to give birth to my heir,” he said as he sat immobile at the police station.

The suspected murderer did not say anything about the murder.