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By Martha Nakimuli

A 43 year old Argentine widow spends a few nights in year sleeping near her late husband’s tomb in the name of giving him company.

Adriana Villarreal, from Buenos Aires, often goes to San Lazaro cemetery and plays loud music all night through, according to Gustavo Braganza  a police commissioner from the town of Dos de Mayo.

Mausoleum Where Adriana Sleeps with her Dead Husband

Braganza says his colleagues went to investigate after reports of someone living there and playing loud music. “When they knocked on the tomb door, Villarreal greeted them in her pijamas, and they could actually see she had been living next to a coffin and an embalmed body.”

Though Sergio Yede, 28, committed suicide 2 years ago and the reasons as to why he killed himself remain unknown, Adriana says he was a loving man, a very good man and she loved him very much.

“When you love someone, you do all sorts of things,” she explained. “My husband deserved it and still does.” Adriana says  she sleeps with her husband  three times a year.

Sergio Yede took his life when Adriana was at work in Mexico.Adriana renovated her husband’s  tomb and brought in a bed, a radio, a computer with Internet connection and even a small cooker.