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By Maureen Nakigozi

Robin Van Persie, 28, might leave Arsenal and team’s manager Arsene Wenger is preparing to live without him.

Dutch footballer Bolo Zenden says that Van Persie’s refusal so far to sign a new contract given the fact that his contract is soon ending is a clear reason that he is soon leaving the Gunners.

“Arsenal is Robin’s club and we know he wants so much to win things there but it hasn’t happened for seven years now. So, you can forgive him for looking to his future,” the Daily Star quoted Zenden, as saying.

“He has so much talent and deserves success and you feel that the fact he hasn’t signed a new deal or talked too much about it would mean he is seriously considering moving on,” he added.

Many teams are praying for Van Persie to leave Arsenal so that they can sign him. The teams at play include Juventus and  Manchester City.

Juventus have put up a £75m package including a £25m transfer fee and £180,000-a-week contract.

Van Persie is yet to make  a decision on his future after the Euro 2012 Championship. He is currently fully focused on the Euros and then, after, he will give his view whether he wants to stay with Arsenal.

Van Persie’s father however says that he is not convinced that his son will move to Manchester City nor Juventus, seeing it as ‘not an option’.

The Dutch striker is currently on international duty with Netherlands, but is in the last year of his contract at the Emirates Stadium.

Van Persie  has been at Arsenal for eight years and this was his best season.


  1. ambrose says:

    i think he sd leave coz d club isnt willing 2 give him d demanded wage