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By Jane Nambi

The reading of the national budget 2012-2013 has ended with several changes made to taxes while teachers’ pay is going to be increased. The following is a summary of the Uganda National Budget for Financial Year 2012-2013

Government is going to increase the Primary school teachers’ salary and science teachers in secondary schools.

There is an increase in the excise duty on spirits made from locally made raw materials increases from 45% to 60%.

Government is going to undertake the construction of the Lubiji wetland, improvement of the Bugolobi waste project and Nakivubo channel. The total allocation to the water sector in has increased from Shs271b to Shs355b.

Mulago hospital is going to be renovated while Kabale, Hoima and Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospitals are also going to be renovated

Pay As You Earn (PAYE) threshold increased from Shs130,000 to Shs.235,000 per month and the tax bands will be adjusted accordingly.

An additional 10% income tax imposed on individuals with

VAT on the supply of betting, lotteries and games of chance (Gambling) raised from 15% to 20%. Will generate Shs.4.3bn and all these measures will come into effect on 1st July 2012.


  1. kayinda jonnie says:

    talking about increasing salary for science teachers is not fear because ART is the foundation or
    a platform for science.honestly you cannot understand the ingenuity of the hard physical science without
    understanding the sweet subslenties of the human ART

  2. Kencool Purie says:

    There is no equality at all both Art and Science subjects are necessary,so salary increment should be for both secondary and primary teachers teaching both subjects. Besides,Its true ART is the mother for Science.