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By Mirembe Martina

Saturday’s match between Uganda Cranes and Senegal went smoothly as Ugandans applauded their team to a 1-1 draw.

Uganda Cranes fought its very best on Saturday against Senegal which saw them draw with the latter 1-1. Despite the semi-victory that the country saw on Saturday, we still have a long way to go for the World Cup.

So far, this the closest that Uganda has gone for the World Cup qualifiers. Despite the draw on Saturday, Senegal is still ahead of Uganda with four points while Uganda has a mere two. This means Uganda has to win at least three games to be safe for the World Cup.

As Mandela Stadium was draped in yellow, red and black on Saturday, so it should this Saturday again as Uganda Cranes takes on Congo in another World Cup qualifier game.

If Uganda is to win this game, it will be in a favorable place for the World Cup come 2014.

Uganda saw many chances to score but failed despite the crowd’s cheering that was over powering. Senegal had its first goal in the 37th minute which silenced most of the supporters and saw many get angry at the players.

However, Uganda got its golden chance in the second half as Walusimbi scored the goal that saw the match end with jubilation.

Come Saturday, Uganda faces Congo in the stadium again and hopefully, this time round we will not draw. Uganda’s last two games saw them draw with Angola and Senegal which is not favorable.