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By Maureen Nakigozi

Uganda is joining the rest of the world to commemorate World Refugee Day.

The day is marked annually on June 20 and the theme for this year’s commemoration is “Creating awareness on the rights of Refugees.”

Reports indicate that Uganda accommodates over 10,550 refugees but the number is likely to increased with the high influx of refugees from DRC and South Sudan.

Refugees in Uganda

According to the Director of Refugee Law Project Chris Lohan, Uganda has the best refugee policesĀ  so far but more should be done to improve on the facilities provided to them.

In Kamwenge district according to the Redcross, the facilities provided in most refugee camps are not enough given the high number of refugee in the area. There is only one health center and that center has only 15 doctors which means that one doctor has to handle 400 patients a day.

Refugees have fled their countries because of wars and political instabilities which have left them emotionally, physically and psychologically tortured.They have been settled in various refugee camps while some have become urban refugees.