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By Mirembe Martina

Ugandan male contestant in the Tusker Project Fame 5 Allan was named the king of probation after he was put on probation, again.

Allan was on probation since his going to the academy and has not been able to leave probation ever since.

Judges of Tusker Project Fame 5.

After being saved by the audience last week, he again made his way to probation after failing to impress the judges.

According to the judges, Allan tries to imitate the original composers of the songs that he sings instead of having his own signature on the song which continuously puts him on probation, now three times in a row.

Whether he will be saved this time round again, no one can tell although this week’s contestants on probation are a hustle.

With Allan are Jackson, Eunice, Doreen and . who will voted most by the audience, who will be saved by the faculty, who will be saved by the contestants themselves, only time can tell, updates coming your way soon.


  1. Martha says:

    Allan sings good but I’m not impressed by his public relations especially in the house. Atuswaaza!!!