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By Sandra Birungi

The faculty saved South Sudan’s Nancy after she was put on probation last week for breaking the rules.

While saving her, the faculty said they were looking for a person who has all the qualities among those on probation and Nancy won the battle.

She survived being put on probation again this week but Doreen was not as lucky as she and Eunice landed on the probation list again.

Jackson, Allan and were also put on probation while Damian and Fatuma exited the academy after they were evicted.

There are now 9 contestants remaining in the house although speculation on who the winner of Tusker Project Fame 5 will be is already circulating around. Kenya’s Ruth has so far won the favor of the people and the judges.

Some of the contestants in TPF 5. Samantha, Joe and Ruth (R to L)

Judge Ian, during last week’s performance said after Ruth had performed that the show had just begun.