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By Jane Nambi

Tanzania’s Damian and Rwanda’s Fatuma were evicted during Saturday’s eviction show after failing to be saved by the audience, the contestants and the faculty.

Damian sung Bruno Mars’s song, Just the Way You are in which Judge Hermes said he did it better than he had the last time. “It wasn’t as bad as last week but I know you can do better,” Hermes said. However, Damian did not get the chance to show his talent as he was evicted.

Fatuma on the other hand was beautiful and had a powerful voice. Doing Jennifer Hudson’s Where you at, Fatuma brought power to the show but was not able to win the hearts of the faculty and her fellow contestants. She and Damian became the third pair to be evicted out of Tusker Project Fame 5 competitions.

Commenting about their time in the house, both contestants were sad to go but Damian was not sad about his experience in the academy. “I am happy, I will not stop singing,” he said. During his time in the academy, Damian revealed what his parents thought about his dream to be a musician in which he said, “My father said singing will not bring me money.” Well, if his father was right or not, time too will tell.

Fatuma was clearly heartbroken after being evicted. “I am disappointed in myself and in everyone (hopefully not the audience which did not vote for her, her fellow contestants and faculty who did not save her),” she said.

Well, good luck to the remaining contestants in the academy.