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By Miremebe Martina

With Uganda Christian University (UCU) and Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) leading in determining the university dress code, PPP president has come out to say all universities should come up with dress code guidelines.

People’s Development Party President Dr. Abed Bwanika asked the administration of universities to set up dress code guidelines for students to stop indecent dressing to lecture rooms. These guidelines should apply to all public and private universities.

According to Abed Bwanika, the dressing, which sometimes is indecent, especially for the girls, disrupts the concentration of both the lecturers and the students.

“The situation is sometimes made worse by female lecturers who also dress indecently. Things such as mini-skirts, half covered abdomen, tight jeans and shorts are not standard and fit during lecturers” Bwanika said. He further stated that the indecent dressing is the number one cause of immorality and reckless sexual behavior since most youth are attracted to the semi naked status of girls.

Exposing breasts, according to Bwanika, is indecent and should be banned in lecture rooms.

Referring to the male students, Bwanika stated that wearing sandals to the lecture rooms was indecent and undeserving stating that the universities should copy from international universities which have a dress code that all students should follow.

The former presidential contender made the remarks during a press conference at Meeting point restaurant on Buganda road.