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By Sandra Birungi

With reports of a new vaccine for HIV/AIDS, the public has got excited and have started rushing to clinics and hospitals hoping to gain it. However, government has come out and warned people against getting the vaccine.

The new drug which is supposed to prevent HIV/AIDS, Truvuda is believed to be the new vaccine something that Professor Pontiano Kaleebu, the Director Uganda Virus Research Institute says is not true.

“Truvada is not an HIV vaccine and no HIV vaccine has yet been discovered. There are, however, ongoing studies and efforts to discover an HIV vaccine,” Dr Kaleebu said. The Antiviral Drugs committee of the United States Food and Administration commended that the Food and Drug Administration approve Truvada drugs for use to prevent HIV (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

He stressed that research is still on going about the vaccine and none has so far been found yet. Dr Chidi Victor Nweneka, the executive director of the African Aids Vaccine partnership, said there are many issues yet to be addressed before the drug can be recommended. “You should better listen to the country public health officials until the drug is recommended,” he said.

He added that although people are rushing for the drug, it may not be. He still recommended the old methods of HIV/AIDS prevention until a proper vaccination is found. These are Abstinence, Being faithful or use of Condoms (ABC).