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By Mirembe Martina

A story has been circulating about a Ugandan woman who turned into a snake after allegedly stealing money from a Sudanese man.

We have confirmed reports that the story is a hoax as the woman does not exist.

The story which has been circulating in a local newspaper, ‘Kamunye’ is a fraud. The pictures on the newspapers come from youtube, a video which was posted of a snake in Indonesia which looked like a human and a dog.

It has been circulated that the woman, whose name has never been identified was a street walker (prostitute) and had gone with a Sudanese man to offer her services. However, upon reaching the bedroom, he went to freshen up and she got a chance to escape.

It is reported that the woman fled with a lot of money and the man’s laptop and in revenge, the man bewitched her and she started turning into a snake.

The horrific story however is not true as there is no supporting evidence to prove that the woman exists. The photograph used was obtained from a video from Youtube which was first posted in 2009 December and re-posted in 2010 January.

Ghana woman who allegedly turned into a snake.

It is believed that the authorities are hunting down those who came up with this story which has made people wonder if it is actually possible for one to turn into a snake.

The same story has been circulating around in Ghana about a woman who allegedly turned into a snake and entered the church and as they tried to kill the snake, a woman emerged convincing people that it her who had turned into a snake.


  1. Mugerwa Hadadi says:

    Me i knew from the start because i can,t believe in those so called Kamuye guy, and i hate them they miss lead people trying to get there attention and sell there news papers and get money form they they should even burn them

  2. ocaya micheal says:

    please i believe is true and that is going to warn women who turn their bodies into business

    1. kato big spender says:

      thats is good and its alesson to girls especially compus girls who steal our money

      1. kathryn says:

        hey mind ur language coz we dont apply 2 be conned en after all ur big spender en we ar helpng u coz it seems u have more than enough.

  3. Acrew of boys Fred,Regan and Cassim says:

    It may be true or false but ladies need to learn alesson from it.

  4. Francis Okello says:

    I’m not convinced about story of the Ugandan girl who allegedly turned into snake.If this could be true why isn’t same news story not run in the prominent news paper like The Newvison or The monitor.Media is an institution which should not thinks about making sales but to give genuine information. this newspaper should face penalties if found guilty of this act.

  5. Robby Dvrod Muwonge says:

    But how can a human being turn into a snake, that is impossible