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By Mirembe Martina

A story has been circulating about a Ugandan woman who turned into a snake after allegedly stealing money from a Sudanese man.

We have confirmed reports that the story is a hoax as the woman does not exist.

The story which has been circulating in a local newspaper, ‘Kamunye’ is a fraud. The pictures on the newspapers come from youtube, a video which was posted of a snake in Indonesia which looked like a human and a dog.

It has been circulated that the woman, whose name has never been identified was a street walker (prostitute) and had gone with a Sudanese man to offer her services. However, upon reaching the bedroom, he went to freshen up and she got a chance to escape.

It is reported that the woman fled with a lot of money and the man’s laptop and in revenge, the man bewitched her and she started turning into a snake.

The horrific story however is not true as there is no supporting evidence to prove that the woman exists. The photograph used was obtained from a video from Youtube which was first posted in 2009 December and re-posted in 2010 January.

Ghana woman who allegedly turned into a snake.

It is believed that the authorities are hunting down those who came up with this story which has made people wonder if it is actually possible for one to turn into a snake.

The same story has been circulating around in Ghana about a woman who allegedly turned into a snake and entered the church and as they tried to kill the snake, a woman emerged convincing people that it her who had turned into a snake.


  1. paul says:

    thanks, i hate fraudsters

  2. freddie says:

    that papper shoud be barned for misleadind people

  3. niwamanya sharif says:

    let the lady suffer coz we are tired of prostitutes steeling peoples properties.

    1. tom says:

      we should not accept what is not true, let not be misled our fellow ugandans.

    2. emilly says:

      if u are tired of prostitutes stealing yo properties, the get tired of exposing yo dicks 2 them.

  4. bbaale henry says:

    thanks for revealing the true

  5. mbabazi switn says:

    ha ha temutukuba nakuyamwe

    1. Gophines says:

      if only they knew how urlgy the name kamunye sounds,they would stop their lies and focus on what brought them to bussiness.