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By Martha Nakimuli

Babra Kirabo  false mother of prince semakookiro

Babra Kirabo

Semakiro’s ‘false’ mother Patience Barbara Kirabo who had been presented to the media as Rose Nansikombi  the mother of Prince Richard Semakoriro is now a rich lady after securing millions of money from an out of court settlement of the case she filed against The New Vision and its sister paper Bukedde.

Kirabo with her lawyers  sued the two papers for presenting her falsely in the media ,the scheme which earned then a lot of money.“Our investigation reveals that Bukedde alone, whose daily circulation is 30,000 copies on average, printed 80,000 copies that day. “, said Frances Harimwomugasho, one of Kirabo’s lawyers.

Kirabo also demanded that the two media houses refund the money they earned from customers with with falsehood.She also demanded compensation of 500 millions.

Kirabo who is a resident of Wasswa zone in Makindye division said that the news affected her relationship with her fiance who was set to marry her.She claimed the news presented her as a loose girl yet she is not.The defamation  case has however been settled out of court.

Ugandapicks has learnt that Kirabo was given millions of money, and the matter is settled.

The Katikiro of Buganda announced on January 17 that Buganda had got a prince. The news was welcomed dearly by most people in Buganda who felt relieved after a long wait for the prince.

The Katikiro in his short speech mentioned the name of the prince as Richard Semakokiro, and the the mother as Rose Nansikombi.  According to the brief message of the Katikiro of Buganda, the mother of the Kabaka’s son was said to be born in Bulemezi county of Buganda which makes the Luwero district of Uganda.

The media then started a fierce search for the mother of the Kabaka’s son. In a few days, pictures of the the parents had were already accessed by the media but the pictures of Rose Nansikombi were still missing.

Pictures of Kirabo were however accessed and later used by New Vision and Bukedde as those of Rose Nansikombi.Buganda however came out and showed the real pictures of the prince’s mother.



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