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By Jane Nambi

NRM held and emergency caucus meeting at the Entebbe State House and addressing the party members, President Museveni cited the reasons as to why NRM is losing its support in the country.

Poor election monitoring of by-elections by National Resistance Movement (NRM), failure of government agencies to inform the public about government programs and achievements is one of the reasons that President Museveni identified.

NRM has lost at several by-elections in the country, the most recent and most recognised being the Ishaka-Bushenyi elections which saw NRM candidate lose to opposition, FDC.

Museveni cited poor service delivery and police violence as another reason as to why they were losing support. Police violence has been an issue ever since the Ingrid Turinawe situation which brought about a lot of up roar from human rights activists around the world.

“We are losing because of intrigue and infighting as a result of the unprincipled culture of political careerism among party cadres. They consider politics as a career instead of a privilege to serve humanity,” he noted. “The reason why many civil servants are opting for political offices is not to serve the masses but to draw hefty salaries. And such people are least likely to advance party interests,” he added.

The real reason however can be attributed to the need for change by the people. Museveni has been in power since 1986 and he is still holding power. Children have grown into adults and have children who are already in their prime youth, (early 20′s) and they are still seeing the same man they saw way back when they were still children in power.

It can also be attributed to the increasing standard of living. With KCCA using an iron hand to ‘clean’ the city, many people are left jobless while the common man has to strive to start buying previously cheap commodities from shops which over charge because they have to take into account their rent arrears.

These and more reasons are making people who previously supported NRM vehemently start doubting if they can hold onto their end of the bargain especially if they have failed to fulfill promises made as far back as 2001.