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By Sandra Birungi

Prince William who is now 30 and a day years old may get the inheritance as his birthday gift.

His mother, Princess Diana, in a clause in her will left a hefty sum of money to her two sons, William and Harry. However, the executors decided that they would not get the inheritance until they both turned 30.

William, who was 15 when his mother was murdered in 1997, and his brother 12, turned 30 yesterday and it could be time for his inheritance to mature, he may be getting richer anytime soon.

Princess Diana left a net estate of £12,966,022 ($20.41 million, 16 million euros), but it is estimated that the figure has grown to around £20 million through investment. Both Princes William and Harry are entitled to half of this share.

What they would use the money for, speculation has risen that they will buy a house. “There has been speculation about the Duke and Duchess having a house built but there are no plans for that at all,” a royal aide said. “If the Duke decides next year to continue his Search and Rescue career he might well have to move to another base, away from Anglesey, so the idea of a new house just isn’t on the radar at the moment,” he added.