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By Jane Nambi

Entebbe police is on a country-wide search for Goodlyf’s boys, Radio and Weasel after a file number SD 03/04/06/ 2012  was opened on them.

The duo are said to have beaten up the head of security at Club Silk, Fred Munyagwa when he was having quality time with his wife in Entebbe.

It is reported that while in Entebbe at a bar, Trap Bar, Fred was spending time with his wife when Radio and Weasel with their manager, Jeff Kiwanuka attacked and beat him up brutally.

Moze Radio

It is not clear what caused the attack. The trio with a few other people beat up Fred accusing him of frustrating them whenever they went to Club Silk.

Fred went to police to report the case instead of fighting with them and reported two cases of one assault and threatening violence.

Their music is loved in the whole country and no matter how much they are loved, for how long will their fans stick to them when they keep on doing stupid things?


Mose is rumored to be the father of former Blu 3′s member, Lillian Mbabazi.

Their recent show in Jinja recorded a success with tickets being sold out quickly and many people showing up for the show which was characterized by live band and several guest artistes’ performances which wowed the crowd.


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