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By Sandra Birungi

Mbale district is under craze with people being forcibly circumcised which prompted police to fire tear gas and deploy heavily.

Several people have been forced into circumcision, even those who are not Bagishu, according to the District Police Commander, Michael Angucia.

“I am not trying to fight the culture of the Bamasaba but the way the practice is handled may cause tribal conflicts. Several people have fled the town, property robbed and business is being paralyzed. We have deployed on the streets to arrest the hooligans,” Angucia added.

Circumcision is the most defining factor of the people of Mbale and failure to circumcise or be circumcised is seen as an unmanly act and anyone who is not circumcised is considered a boy, no matter how old that person is in age.

Locals cried for help due to the craze and police decided to provide security on the streets to help restore order in the town. Many people are said to have left the town due to the forceful circumcision.

It is estimated that a total number of about 220 people have been circumcised from the time the exercise began date.


  1. Hugh Intactive says:

    Forcibly circumcising a man is very like raping a woman – violating them in the most intimate way. It is a disgusting practice and it must stop. Any culture that requires this needs to change, just as cultures that required slavery had to change. No custom or culture is perfect or unchangable. And the claim that it reduces transmission of HIV/AIDS is doubtful. In any case, it is up to the man himself to decide, when he is old enough, whether he wants to do that to protect himself.