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By Jane Nambi

Patricia Krentcil from New Jersey who was named and labelled tanning mom was taken to police and later charged with second-degree child endangerment after she took her 5 year-old daughter, Anna to a tanning saloon where she later got burned.

Tanning mom before and after.

Looking at her pictures now, one can wonder why she went through all the trouble to get a tan to which she apologized during a television show saying, “I’m sorry I’m tan, I like to be tan, it just feels good.” However, believe it or not, the toast looking like Patricia was far more appealing than she is right now after photos of her back in the day before she discovered the wonders of a tanning saloon.

Tanning mom before she got super tan.

Here are some of the photos that we managed to unearth of the beautiful Patricia Krentcil before she went to a tanning saloon.

Patricia Krentcil after tan.

Patricia Krentcil looking good before the tanning session.

Patricia Krentcil